What, Exactly, Is a Natural Diamond?

Natural diamonds have many qualities which make them extremely appealing to the jewelry industry, fashion markets and the world of modern science and technology. But, the high cost of natural diamonds has pushed others to produce them artificially. In the jewelry world, most people still prefer natural diamonds over artificial ones. This is so because the high value of natural diamonds has become one of its important qualities which make them so attractive.

The formation of diamonds occurs at great depths below the Earth surface which is at a distance of about 100 miles or more from the ground level. In order that diamonds can form, extremely high levels of temperature and pressure are needed. In these said conditions, pure carbon will crystallize into natural diamonds. Natural diamonds can occur in many countries, including the US. Diamonds can be mined in areas that are found close to the Earth surface. These diamonds actually came from beneath the Earth surface, but where carried up to the surface through a certain geological feature known as Kimberlite. The Kimberlite acts as a pipe where volcanic magma collects diamonds and other minerals and pushes them upward to the Earth surface. The molten rock as well as the diamonds and other minerals cool down as it reaches the surface of the Earth.

Natural diamonds are formed by carbon atoms in a distinct three dimensional cubic lattice structure. This structure makes diamonds as the hardest naturally-occurring material on Earth. Natural diamonds are extremely transparent but they are also very effective in reflecting and dispersing light thru its lustre. This causes the diamonds to sparkle and show many attractive colors thru a prism effect. Natural diamonds also have other special properties like conductivity and resistance which make them highly desirable for various purposes in many industries including health care.

The most important use of natural diamonds is found in the production of jewelries. Diamonds are extremely popular because of its inherent properties which cause a well cut gem diamond to sparkle. Also, a diamond can display a range of colors once light is directed on them. These special qualities of the diamonds make them great jewelry pieces and as such diamonds have always been used as symbols of affection likes its popular use as an engagement or wedding ring.

Although diamonds have many suitable uses in many industries like the health and sciences, the prohibitive cost of natural diamonds prevents them to be used for these purposes. Instead, there are many companies that produce synthetic diamonds which can be suitably used for industrial, scientific and technological purposes.

Natural diamonds have certain features which make them very appealing and valuable as jewelry pieces. Clarity is one of these fine features. The clarity of a diamond is effectively judged by what can actually be seen within the diamond itself once it is magnified by ten times of its original size. The lesser the foreign materials that were actually present during the formation of the diamond, the fewer pieces of these materials will be present in the diamond that will interfere with the interaction of the said diamond with light. Another consideration is the color of the diamond. Although most diamonds are usually considered as clear stones, some diamonds can naturally occur in other colors as well (source: Credit Glory). There are diamonds that form in rarer colors, especially pink, and they are usually more expensive. The carat or the weight of a natural diamond can increase the value of the stone. As larger diamonds are rarer to find, then naturally they are considered much more valuable.